July 2, 2012

The Office for Community Engaged Research

By Danielle Miranda

The Mayo Clinic Center for Translational Science Activities’ Office for Community Engaged Research provides support to investigators, study staff, and students seeking guidance on all aspects of conducting clinical research in and with multicultural communities. Specific assistance is offered in understanding cultural factors, developing relationships, providing cultural information and advice on protocol designs and review of grant sections related to minority recruitment for clinical research and clinical training grants. In addition, the Office for Community Engaged Research assists investigators in making informed decisions about how to address recruitment and retention of diverse populations in their studies by providing advice on the mechanics, barriers, and opportunities of recruiting and retaining diverse populations, guiding investigators on selecting the appropriate communities or multicultural groups for their study, advising and assisting with recruitment strategies specific to the communities and linking and consulting with cultural advisors. Other activities include reviewing community-placed and community-engaged Institutional Review Board protocols; assisting with building collaborative partnerships with Mayo Clinic investigators and community partners; helping investigators develop community-engaged dissemination plans; and training opportunities for investigators to learn more about community engaged research. OCER helps promote clinical research in the greater community by assisting with the development of recruitment plans, participating in community events to disseminate research findings, and partnering with community organizations to determine community needs.

~written by Stephanie Grassie

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