May 24, 2010

Mayo Clinic IMSD Proud! Success Stories: Flavian Brown


The Mayo Clinic Initiative to Maximize Student Diversity (IMSD) is very proud to have Flavian Brown complete his one-year fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester through the clinic's Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP). Flavian has been highlighted on the Post Bulletin for benefiting from the  Howard Hughes Medical Institute  program and heading to Harvard University to work on his doctorate in the field of immunology.  This program has been beneficial to many students who have received their baccalaureate degree and are deciding to attend medical or graduate school, as well as Mayo clinic pre-doctorate students in their 1st and 2nd years. 

Congratulations to Flavian Brown as well as all students who have participated in the Mayo Clinic IMSD' programs including all students continuing their education and starting graduate or medical school!

We would like to thank our mentors and leaders who run and participate in these programs including.......Dr. Karen Hedin, Dr. Jim Maher, and Dr. Dennis Mays, as well as others.


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