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Feb 16, 2014 · Taste of Diversity

Promoting diversity at school is indeed important. Uniting the leaders at all levels and involving faculty members, staff members, and all of the students are indeed an important step to promote the culture of inclusion. Social activity, such as Taste of Diversity, is an effective platform to heighten faculty members’ and students’ diversity awareness or consciousness. Perhaps, diversity education and training should be made mandatory for all of the faculty members and students to ensure the success of culture of inclusion. Moreover, It is important to monitor the diversity programs. Perhaps, the school committee should conduct anonymous surveys to measure the progress of the diversity programs. By measuring the progress, the organization will be able to improve the efforts in the areas that need an improvement.

Promoting the culture of inclusion is certainly worth the effort because it benefits the organization and the organization’s members by promoting teamwork among members, reducing discrimination, and promoting an understanding and appreciation of differences in cultural backgrounds, and personal orientation among members.

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