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Crystal, interesting post. Being who we are is just that. However, my thoughts are that interacting with others is what makes us diverse. And you seem to have had to interact with a variety of individuals. At least you have interacted with more people of differences than yourself than me. I have never been outside the country (US) nor have I traveled much within the U.S. Growing up I interact more with individuals of my own culture and less with other cultures. I consider myself somewhat guarded which does not surprise me. I grew up in an urban setting; attended schools that were predominately African American; and currently still live in an urban setting that is predominately of my own race. I guess you might say I am not diverse. What are your thoughts.

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Deborah – The first step in fixing anything is awareness. Now that you realize that your environment consist of individuals like you, it gives you an opportunity to grow in your diversity. Take the time to visit new places by traveling 1-3 hours away from your home, speak to others that are not like you and try to find out about them and their culture, create a bucket list of places you would like to go and research about that place, people, and culture.

As educators, I think it’s important that we are and understand diversity to ensure that we prepare our learners for a global society.

Deborah, I think you have touched on a reality that is huge in the US, we talk about diversity, we say we want to embrace it and yet we do not do a lot to build the opportunity for people to explore and dive into diverse communities. In part I believe some of it is personal safety, but then there is forced segregation as well, which we try to pretend doesn’t exist anymore when in fact it does. I suspect however that there was more diversity in your community that you expect or think about, LBGT communities, deaf communities all integrated within the larger community, we limit our ideas about what constitutes diversity. Thanks for your personal reflection and post!

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