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September 24, 2015

Looking at Diversity: From the Top Down

By Crystal Mendoza Crystal Mendoza (@crystalmendoza)

By Domenic Fraboni At times, diversity can be a difficult area to be “successful” in.  This can be especially true when trying to represent all the different aspects of diversity in a specific committee, staff, team, or any other group.  The complexity of this topic webs out even further when including those non-superficial definitions of […]

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September 17, 2015

Exploring the World through Research

By Clara Castillejobecerra Clara Castillejobecerra (@claracastillejobecerra)

By Luz Milbeth Cumba-García, MS At the age of 16, I was admitted to the Universidad Metropolitana’s early admission program in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to study Cellular and Molecular Biology. From my early days as a college student, I had the opportunity to do summer internships abroad, conduct research in different laboratories in Puerto […]

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