August 28, 2011

Welcome Jenny Ho

By Danielle Miranda

The Mayo graduate students at Arizona are excited to introduce Jenny Ho who will serve as the Arizona-Education Administrator. Jenny will be replacing Leanne Andreasen as the go to person for graduate school questions, support, and administration.

Jenny Ho was born in Illinois and moved with her family to Northern California's Bay Area at a young age. She went to UCLA, graduated with a double major in Psychology and Anthropology, and worked at the UCLA Medical Center doing clinical research in orthopaedic surgery. She then enrolled in the University of Michigan's School of Public Health and completed internships with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and with Kaiser Permanente.

Jenny earned her Master of Public Health and Master of Health Service Administration and was accepted into Mayo Clinic's two-year Administrative Fellowship Program. After spending one winter in Rochester, she transferred to Arizona, completed the fellowship, and worked in Patient Financial Services and Public Affairs. She left Mayo in 2008 to go to Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, where she supported human resources and communications for the greenfield project. She feels fortunate to have been able to return to Mayo this fall, and is excited to be serving Mayo's Education shield and supporting Mayo Graduate School and the Mayo School of Continuous Professional Development as an Operations Manager.

She lives in Scottsdale and spends her free time with her husband, Jeff, and their Cornish Rex cat, Zoe. She enjoys hiking, jogging, traveling and playing with yarn.

This photo was taken at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital.

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