December 16, 2010

So you decided to come to Mayo Clinic ROCHESTER!?


  I thought I would simply give you a WARM welcome to Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN., as the rest of the welcome is extremely cold!

 I am happy to say that I will be finishing my pre-doctorate studies here in the near future (planning May 21st 2011 graduation), but am glad to say that I was able to see yet another beautiful winter. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the area...lets say you geniously decided to go to Mayo Clinic Arizona or Florida 🙂 .... it is really, really, really cold here. You must check out the pictures I posted, they are from the last couple of days!

 I would like to congratulate all the first year students and first year -30  degree weather students. As a native-born and raised Texan (San Antonian), I understand your pain and frostbitten hands. Good luck and go buy some extremely warm clothes and weather boots, its worth it!  Please tell me your Winter stories! I bet new Minnesotans would love to hear them.  By:Jess (Blog Manager)             


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