May 5, 2010

One reason to keep trying to get that paper published!


As graduate students we have several goals and duties to fulfill. These include passing our classes, passing our written and oral exams, writing our thesis proposal, doing presentations, and finally writing papers. Soo, this last fulfilment, writing a paper/s, is a very nice accomplishment and is very exciting as a very hard-working student. Recently, I got my 1st first author paper as a graduate student, and believe me it took lots of work and even more headaches to finally get my work published. Anyhow, as I was surfing literature today for a cancer biology journal club presentation and I came upon a paper which really tickled me and made me reflect on my first published grad paper.  Now remember we are in the "new" age with computer capacities that would boggle your mind, with phones that you can watch videos on and surf the web, and with 3D TVs in our grasp.  Rebecca, my post-doc desk neighbor/friend, heard me snickering and had to see what I was wowing about. Please look for yourself!

To make a long story short, Rebecca and  I  decided that if a paper that gets into Nature Cell Biology (with an impact factor of 17.776, meaning this is a great journal) accepts hand written supplemental figures, typing labels on blots would have too long I suppose :), all of us our capable of aiming high and getting our 1st first author paper or any paper in any journal as long as the data speaks for itself.

So go out there and start publishing! Jess

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