March 16, 2010

RACE: Are we so Different? exhibit is coming to Rochester!


 An extraordinary and interactive exhibit is coming to Rochester from May through September 2010. It is about race and addresses key questions about race such as: 

Q: What is race?

Q: What race do you most identify with?

Q: Do we differ physiologically or genetically because of our race?

Q: How can we talk about race?

Q: What implications does race have for healthcare in our community? 

 The Office for Diversity encourages all students, faculty and staff to visit the RACE Exhibit at the Rochester Public Library this summer to discover answers to these questions and others.   The exhibit will offer visitors highly interactive information for experiencing what race means for your generation and past generations and in the context of  science, history and society.

While the exhibit will be available from May through September, our hope is – with your help – that its impact will become part of Mayo’s heritage.  Various diversity groups on campus are already planning on continuing the spirit of the exhibit with interactive events this fall in the form of plays, lectures and talking circles. Get involved and be a part of this exciting event! 

Volunteering opportunities are now available! To volunteer for this exhibit and receive training for life-long facilitation skills apply at  (completion takes about 30 minutes).  If you have questions about volunteering, please contact Heidi Saffert, Volunteer Coordinator at

Additional exhibit information is available at

Written by Ruth

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