September 14, 2009

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Medical Students Honoring Dr. Eddie L. Greene


dr. greene Every year, the Organization of Student Representatives seeks nominations for 2009 Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism in Medicine Award, presented by the Association of American Medical Colleges with the support of the Arnold P.Gold Foundation.  This award is received from all medical schools across the country. Leslie King-Shultz along with Kamran Ahmed and Elizabeth Scoville, the other two OSR reps from Mayo organized this years efforts for nominations. The process included students sending emails to solicit nominations from members of all medical school classes.  Dr. Eddie L. Greene was chosen as the professor who contained many qualities which fit the award, these included positive mentoring skills, involvement in community service, compassion, sensitivity, collaboration with students, colleagues, and patients, and modeling the ethics of the profession. Dr. Greene's name was submitted so many times by students who have worked with him that he was the obvious choice for this year's nomination. 

Here are some kind words from students about Dr. Greene:

"He is able to engage students in such a way that they want to learn more from him, and he makes sure that everyone involved understands the material being covered. He is without a doubt one of the best instructors I have had not only in medical school, but throughout my life. He is an absolute superstar in teaching capacities." Medical Student

"...he gave a lot of his personal time to his students, and was always willing to help. During my Ph.D. training, I ran into him a lot. He was always willing to stop and talk about my project and science in general. You can tell he loves what he does." Former Student

Although, Dr. Greene was not selected as the finalist this year, all students feel he was certainly deserving of the award.mayo brothers

  On behalf of Mayo Clinic students and Diversity Bloggers Team, "Congratulations!!!" Jess

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