July 29, 2009

Some tips about surviving GRAD School!!


Here is a little 10 pointer on how to survive graduate school that I found online at Bitesize Bio: Brain food for cell and molecular biologist by Suzzanne Kennedy. http://bitesizebio.com/2009/07/29/pointers-for-new-graduate-students/ (I even made a comment and she responded 🙂 )

Some of my extra tips:: (1)asking senior students about the mentors you are deciding to do rotations with (they will be very honest to you!), (2) participate in school clubs, societies, etc. (this will help you meet other students), (3) Write down EVERYTHING!! Whether its lab notes, protocols, ideas that came to your mind, ways to improve something, or even someone you met that you like their research, and finally (4) love what you do!! If you are interested in your research you will prosper and be motivated to go into the lab everyday.
Let me know what you think and give those students out there more tips!!!

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